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Thistledown Cozies
65 Priest Road
Nottingham, NH 03290


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We only sell wholesale - to resellers everywhere. Please see our Wholesale / Policies page for information about establishing a wholesale account. If you wish to apply for a wholesale account click here to Register.


Thistledown Cozies has been in business since 1995 manufacturing tea cozies and tea accessories for the tea industry. Our customers include tea rooms, tea shops, and tea related gift shops. We are wholesalers only. Our products are sold to the public in fine tea shops around the world, and on the web by a few of our customers. See Retail Shops above.

We are a cottage industry located in southern New Hampshire, USA. As a very small company we can offer personal service, but have at our disposal local manufacturing capable of high volumes.

Our products have been featured in many tea industry publications, and favorably reviewed by numerous online tea reviewers. Our 'HOB', designed as a tea cozy for men, won a "Best New Product" award at the 2010 World Tea Expo.


Does your business need a unique solution for keeping a pot of tea hot? We can create custom tea cozies for your business. We have experience in projects as involved as needing to keep tea hot from kitchen to distant guest rooms, with a totally unique design fitted to a particular teapot, .... to as simple as making one of our stock designs in fabric coordinating with your business's decor.


All of our products are locally made - within 50 miles of our New Hampshire studio - to the highest quality standards - by the most talented stitchers.
We use locally sourced materials whenever possible - from as close as possible. We purchase from batting, notions, and fabric manufacturers in Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Connecticut and Washington. YES, fabric is starting to be produced here again!! Our hang-tags and labels are sourced from companies right here in New Hampshire. We're consciously supporting our local industries - creating local jobs - and helping reduce transportation energy consumption as much as we can.
We are Home Based, Woman Owned, and, most important of all, obsessed with paying a Living Wage. And our very happy, well paid stitchers control their own working conditions. No wonder they create such high quality products!


Thistledown Cozies is personally involved with a charitable organization called "Tea for the Troops" (info on their fb page). Tea for the Troops raises money for the charity "Home Base", a collaboration between the Boston Red Sox and Massachusetts General Hospital. This organization treats military members with brain injuries using world class clinical care, and helps family members of those suffering with these injuries. Tea for the Troops hosts an annual tea party in Concord, MA, with proceeds going to the Home Base charity.